a person talking on phone, thinking to herself, and then talking on phone again
70% Love : Holiday Planning (1st year #45; November 2019)

webcomic text:
[talking]: “Of course I will come to the holiday get-together… yes, I know it’s important. Yes, I know everyone will be there.”

[thinking]: “I’ll have to get a gift for my mom, her girlfriend, three cousins, my siblings, their kids, and Dilla—45 minutes of shopping for each person, the cost of the gifts, 10 minutes to wrap each, then I have to cook something and find something festive to wear, pick up two pots of poinsettias on the way, get the cat hair cleaned off my coat because of allergies, and clear all the junk out of my car and get it detailed, get a haircut so the photos look good…”

[talking]: “Just checking: This is for the holidays NEXT year, right?”

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